Here are the current services I offer...


Nutrition Counseling


For those individuals who need their own personal nutrition coach.  Each initial hour long session will include a full nutrition assessment, a time to discuss goals and establishing a plan on how to acheive your nutrition goals.  Each hour long follow-up session will include a reevaluation of goals and any tweeks to the nutrition plan to keep you on track.  Follow-up sessions are a good way to have someone you can be accountable to so that you don't let your goals fall by the way side.


One hour Initial Session: $100

30 minute Follow-up Session: $50



Meal Planning


For those individuals who need guidance with shopping and cooking.  I offer personalized meal plans and recipes with along with weekly shopping lists. Meal plans are customized to suit you and your families needs for the entire month.


1 month menu plan, with recipes and weekly shopping lists: $100

Market Tours & Speaking




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